Welcome to 4ARTechnologies

//Welcome to 4ARTechnologies

Welcome to 4ARTechnologies

Dear all,

Welcome to the 4ARTechnologies blog! We couldn’t be more excited about the developments we’ll be reporting on here as well as on our social media channels. With our closed group sale for early investors currently in progress and our ICO pre-sale and ICO coming up in July, we’re closer than ever to launching a project that is bound to be a gamechanger in both the art and crypto worlds: a blockchain-based cataloguing and transaction platform integrated with an image-capturing technology that doesn’t just create value for ALL art world players, but solves the art world’s biggest problem — art fraud.

Because it’s important for us to be as transparent as possible, we’ll provide regular updates on project progress. But perhaps you’d also like to check out what we’ve published so far: our detailed White Paper, for example, includes a business forecast that was created by Reichlin Hess – Switzerland’s leading blockchain accountants and tax lawyers – and approved by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Authority. And that’s not nearly all for great supporters we’ve convinced of the value of our project: over the next weeks, you’ll be able to read interviews with CEOs and representatives of the amazing companies who’ve sided with us to bring this project to life. We certainly hope you’ll join that illustrious group!

That aside, we’ll be sure to answer your questions and provide articles and content that’ll help you navigate not just our project, but also the world of art and blockchain. Please do let us know if there is anything specific you’d like us to write about.

We’re delighted to have you on board. Let’s make this happen!

All at 4ART

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